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     Welcome to Independent Life Resources
"Live Personal Search Assistance"

     Independent Life Resources prides itself on being in-touch with the latest trends in Resources for Persons with Disabilities, Persons with Long-Term Care needs, and Resources for Senior Citizens. In the past, many of these resource websites were hard to locate in the vast sea of information on the world wide web. Today, advances in Internet search technology have made finding specialized information easier. However, nowadays there is so much information out there that finding just the right Internet Resources may still seem overwhelming. Many website pose as legitement information sources but are actually advertizements or "portals" to products or services that may not meet your specific needs. With over 30 years of collective experience, our team knows its way around. If you are uncertain of how to get just the right information/resources, to meet your needs or the needs of those you serve, our staff is waiting to jump right in, bringing you the most relevent websites and sometimes offsite resources that may take you weeks or even months to sort out.

     Abraham Lincoln once said, "Time is Money." In this day and age that is certainly true. Your time and energy may already be stretched thin. Getting personalized assistance for a reasonable fee may be just what you need. We are not requiring a membership or any hidden costs for this service. Each search is a one time only fee of $40 U.S.D.

     The process is quite simple. BEFORE YOU CONTACT US - outline you search needs. In one or two paragraphs, describe the focus of your search. This will save even more time and be a refrence point whether we contact you by phone or email. The following are some simple examples of a search request.

EXAMPLE 1: I have a visually impaired student who is new to my classroom. What resources would I need in my classroom. Do I need to buy special equipment? What Internet Resources are available regarding curriculums?

EXAMPLE 2: I am sixty-three years old and am in need of in-home assistance. What is available in my community? How and where do I apply for services?

EXAMPLE 3: I need a walk-in bathtub. How much do they cost and where can I find the best one to meet my needs?

     With most request we would want to find resources that are closest to you. For this reason we may ask for your general location or the location of those you care for whether in home, school, or other community-based program. Generally the name of your current city and state will help us narrow down your search information.

     To begin your assisted search make your payment using the pay button below. In the payment comments provide an email or phone number for us to contact you. You will recieve a Search Activation response, either by email or phone within 24 hours. Once we contact you you may REPLY with your search request and then wait for the Search Response. All search responses will be responded to within 48 hours of activation*.

     As has always been the our intent, we want to impower YOU. "Give a man a fish and he will eat for one day. Teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime." Our mission is to give you the tools, (information), you need.

*Unless agreed upon during search requests, search response times, (48 hours), will exclude holidays and weekends.

To initiate Assisted Search please make Payment Now. Be sure to leave contact information to insure a speedy response.

On a tight budget? * * * READ THIS ARTICLE for a do-it-yourself set of instructions on how to access and use web-based search engines.


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Articles for Those Who Care:

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More and more people who are in need of personal assistance are seeking out others to live within their homes or apartments and provide some level of support. Financially, this can either be an added expense or a money-saving opportunity. Examining the level of care needed and the needs of the housemate is an important step in this process.

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More than 20 articles feature my perspectives on providing personal care, behavior management techniques, program placement, social issues, and more. Previous articles have been indexed for easy access.

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Linda Mac Dougall's Consulting - Homepage

ADVOCACY IN ACTION! Providing support for persons with disabilities and care providers, she specializes in assistance to program administrators and direct care staff. Helping people access and get the most out of community-based residential programs and independent living services. Her new homepage includes a list of her services, her background and "The Advocate's Voice", her personal message, upbeat and informative!

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This is an ACCESSIBLE INTERNET Website.     

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Recognized as a Family Friendly Website

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    This website has a broad target population with many overlapping areas of need. Consider partnering with us if your product or service relates to any of the following categories: disability resources, senior citizen resources, independent living resources, or long-term care resources. This website features Personalized Web Search Assistance, Direct Care Staff training materials, Administrative support materials, informative articles for the general public, and more! CLICK HERE!

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Disclaimer - Any advising interactions are to be considered my own personal opinion and should not be construed in any way, shape, or form as a diagnosis, prescription, or mandate for action without further consultation with a medical professional, therapist, specialist, or other authority who is licensed to give such opinions, if you feel this is necessary. I offer advice and personal assistance solely based on my educational background and many years of experience. Advice and information received can be used as a source of direction. The ILR website was created to provide support for caregivers working with persons with disabilities, senior citizens, or those with long-term care related needs. This is, however, not an endorsement of any of the programs, products, or services provided through "Live" Personal Search Assistance" transactions unless specifically noted as those of Michael True or TruEnergy Enterprises.

Michael S. True, M.Ed

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