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Articles for Those Who Care

Each of these articles was written and edited for publication by
Michael S. True, M.Ed

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      Many people are now considering sharing living quarters for assistance and personal support. Whether you are looking for someone for companionship or to provide personal care, I offer some advice for the process.

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Please click on the article's name to view the article. Happy reading! All articles are copywritten. Request permission prior to duplication please.

A Closer Look at Skills Training

This is an informational article for teachers, parents, caregivers, and others working with persons who have severe developmental disabilities. The manner in which you view and document your progress will play a significant role in how you perceive success.

It's All in the Name

Have you ever used the words "Crip" or "Handicapped"? The politically correct way of referring to "persons with disabilities" is always changing so take care in how you introduce the people you address.


No matter where you live, or what your personal circumstances may be, you can be a valuable member of a community. Now more than ever, in a world of interdependence, we need to understand what community is really all about.

Curriculums and Special Education

For those studying the evolution of special education in the public schools, a "primer".


How our expectations effect us and those around us. This article was highly rated when previously posted on Themestream.

George's Story - Planning for the Future

More and more disabled children are surviving to adulthood. This article tells the story of one man who's life was forever changed, against his personal wishes. The ability to adapt to life changes can only be insured by careful planning in the early years.

Where the Heart Is...Choosing a Grouphome

My personal guide to evaluating prospective residential, "group home" settings. Be Aware - they are not all the same!

That Tickles! Sensory Stimulation Techniques

Sensory stimulation is a key element in life. For the severly disabled it is a component of living that must be provided by all care providers. For those of you who are working or caring for the multiply-impared, this is a must read!

The M & M kids - Food and Behavior Management

Food - Glorious Food! My views and suggestions for the use of edibles in behavioral modification efforts.

The Next Step - Training Skill Development

Managing your approach to teaching activities of daily living is the key to success! Here are a few good tips to keep your program moving along.

Planning Ahead: Community Outings

We expect to be able to prepare ourselves daily to participate not only in the daily routines of our homes, but to go out into our community whenever we deem it necessary to do so. This element of providing long-term personal care is often overlooked or even ignored.

Communication is the Key!

In a troubled world, there is one bright ray of hope for all...Communication.

"The Blues": Not Just a State of Mind

One of the "hidden" disabilities, depression is not something that some folks can easily shake off. Be aware of the symptoms, help yourself or others find the way out.

Separation Anxiety in Children

Recently a parent asked me if I knew what could be done concerning his child's "separation anxiety". I have some advice I would like to pass along.

What's the IDEA?

As a former special education teacher I took the time to look into the controversy surrounding the reauthorization of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. How can the govenment streamline the process and yet keep the origional concepts intact? We must keep our eyes on the shaping of the future for students with disabilities.

Why Do We Use an Individual Service Plan?

Written in collaboration with long-time Independent Living Consultant, Linda Mac Dougall, this article explores the essence of what an Individual Service Plan is, and relates the history of its development and current use. This article was adapted from the Introduction of a training packet, "Understanding the I.S.P.", being developed for TruEnergy Enterprises.

Seen and Not Heard or Heard and Not Seen

Some self-appointed advocates of persons with disabilities are criticizing and soundly denouncing the concept of planned disability awareness events. The argument against these educational activities is simple: These simulations evoke pity in the non-disabled participants. But can we afford the luxery of hiding our disabilities for the sake of improved public relations?

Seniors and Housing Needs - Obtaining Assistance

In my ongoing efforts to provide helpful assistance to Seniors and others who are facing a crisis concerning housing needs, I have spent nearly six months putting this article together. The upside is, "there are resources available in most states." The downside is, "The system is badly fragmented and many resources are hidden within the programs that were created to provide them."

Are You Looking for an In-Home Personal Assistant?

Many people are now considering sharing living quarters for assistance and personal support. Whether you are looking for someone for companionship or to provide personal care, I offer some advice for the process.

Early Learning Ideas for a Visually Impaired Child

As enrollment increases in pre-school settings, the likelihood is that a greater percentage of students with significant physical and mental disabilities will rise proportionately. Many parents and pre-school teachers may not be prepared for the additional learning challenges these children present. This article explores the early steps that can be taken to integrate a young visually impaired student into a regular education preschool program.

Building Collaboration with Your Child's IEP Team

This article was written by Lisa Simmons, author and publisher of Ideal, ( It is bases on an interview with myself, Michael True, and my advice to parents of special needs children enrolled in our public schools. The theme is "collaboration". This link is being provided by permission of Ms. Simmons.

A Simple "Yes" or "No" Will Do Nicely.

It is not my intention to capitalize on the frenzy of media attention focused on Terri Schiavo over the past months, but I must admit, her situation has motivated me to write the following article. It is not so much about life or death; who should live or who should die. It is about the role of communication in the matter. In Terri's case, her inability to clearly and consistently communicate her wants, needs, and desires ultimately paved the way for others to have to step in and make decisions on her behalf.

"Never Too Early for Pre-Vocational Skills Training"

Most parents and pre-school teachers are not focused on how their four-year-old is going to make a living some day. Even some teachers of students with severe disabilities, in elementary and secondary education programs may be reluctant to think about a future that might include some type of independent, "competitive employment". When is it time to start thinking about an inclusive future?

Motivating People in Positive Ways

      This article outlines the dynamics of how people can succeed in motivating others in day-to-day routines. This may involve getting a child ready for school in the morning. It may concern training skills that could lead to employment opportunities, or it may effect reducing an inappropriate behavior such as the use of verbal or physical aggression when an individual gets frustrated by conditions in their environment.

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ADVOCACY IN ACTION! Providing support for persons with disabilities and care providers, she specializes in assistance to program administrators and direct care staff. Helping people access and get the most out of community-based residential programs and independent living services. Her new homepage includes a list of her services, her background and "The Advocate's Voice", her personal message, upbeat and informative!

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Michael S. True, M.Ed

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