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ILR Visitor Comments
     The following are excerpts of actual corrospondences from visitors about this website and ILR services as recieved through the Guestbook and emails.

About the Site...

     Nice page, you're aptly named. Thank you for your page resources. - Sue


     Just a short note to say I enjoyed readng through your website. I have a terminally ill daughter who has a developmental disability and have worked in the disabilities field for almost twenty years. My fourteen year old is home now due to a heart condition and I am in the process of securing PCA services. I work in the area of quality assurance for the Commnwealth of Massachusetts. It has been a very different experience working the system as a parent. I found your resource information to be thorough and comprehensive. Thank you. - Scott

     I have been looking for issues on ADD for myself and my daughter, I really enjoyed your website. - Kelly

     Thank you for this web site. Because of this I have passed a paper in my speech communication class. Thanks, at least some source out there is reliable and I wanted to let you know keep up the good work. - Alvin

     this is wonderful web site i am so impress with site it helps me to find resources for women in need. thank you - gwen

     Thank you for this informative web site that offers the caregiver so many resources. - Winora

About their needs...

     Hello. I just began searching your sites and links concerning assistance for adults who are considered obese and have mobile disabilities. I would like to find information and resources for my aunt. She is having a rough time getting her career together. We're searching for resources. Thanks for your courage to care for others. - Venessa

     I am a developer looking for direction and info on starting a senior care community. - Kike

     looking for 911 access for non verbal folks-just came across your page. - Betsy

     I am the Selective Placement Program Manager for the Department of Jusice. I am interested in locating literature and available photos of Americans with Disabilities in History. If you can be of any assistance, please contact me. Thank you. - Anya

     very nice site--i found so many things to be helpful here. i was looking for my friend's son...ideas for communication and clothing, mainly. but i have spina bifida, and i was impressed with the many resources available. keep up the good work!!! - alesha

About the help they recieved...

     Thanks so much! Would you let me know when you are able to get the (training) packet together? I hope you have a wonderful vacation. I'm sure you are well deserving of it. LOL - Angie

     thanks for hope. i will stay in touch. - jamie

     Thank you very much for all your help. I will be sure to let those with needs know about you. What a great service you provide. I will use the info you sent me many times in the future, I'm sure. Please let me know if you have other resources that come up for anything near or in Houston. - Hank

     Thank you very much. HAPPY NEW YEAR! - Linda

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     I really enjoy providing this service and being of help to others. As you view the site, please feel free to ask questions, share comments, or give suggestions!

email: Michael True, ILR Publisher, Webmaster -

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