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TruEnergy Enterprises

Publishing Easy-To-Use and Reliable Training and Support Materials
For Community-Based Program and Service Administrators, Direct Care Providers, Teachers, and Parents!

For Text Samples and Individual Pricing Use Category Links Below! For personal assistance please email me, Michael True, at or call 1-504-906-9343.


     Universal Appeal - The arrangement and content of TruEnergy Training and Program Development Materials has been highly praised and is currently in use in Illinios, Georgia, Indiana, Louisiana, Florida, New York, Masshecuetsets, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, Texas, Ohio, Oklahoma, Colorado, North Carolina, South Carolina, Minnesota, and California!

All Training Materials is Routinely Reviewed and Updated For Current Best-Practices Information!

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(Click on a Title to Link to Your Area of Interest)

gold star bullet  Direct Care Provider Training Materials

     (Link to training packets and support materials for those providing direct care to persons with disabilities and the elderly.)

gold star bullet  Community-Based Programs: Administrative and Case Management Resources

     (Link to resources for in-home support services, residential care facility, and adult day activity center start-up support, funding resources, a consumer life skills assessment, a program plan development guide, a comprehensive incident reporting system, and more.)

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TruEnergy Enterprises Program Resources and Training Materials.

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Staff Training Programs from TruEnergy Enterprises - pictures [d]

12 Topics to Choose from individually or all on one CD!

Direct Care Training Materials

     Featuring easy-to-use, state-of-the-art, staff development packets with discussion questions and proficiency tests. Easy on-line purchase of individual titles or the Economical 12-pac or 6-pac CD sets AVAILABLE TODAY! Titles include: "Introduction to Developmental Disabilities", "Understanding Abuse and Neglect", "Introduction to Training Techniques", "Incident Reporting: A Comprehensive Overview", "Communication Information", "Introduction to the Individual Service Plan", "People First Language and Person-Centered Planning", "The Basics of Documentation", "Understanding Consumer Rights", "Introduction to Behavior Management", "Understanding Confidentiality", and an "Introduction to Active Treatment". The training packets are a must for any agency providing day-to-day care to special needs populations. All packets include pre and post tests and a Spanish translation.

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  For More Details!

Support for startup or enhancing your existing program.


Community-Based Programs: Administrative and Case Management Resources

     In this area you will find some great administrative support materials written by Michael True* and now available as e-books on CD:

  "Community-Based Options, a Provider's Guide to Program Development"..

      This unique "interactive" CD ROM e-book provides a comprehensive insider's look at the current state of the health and personal care system in the United States today. Presents practicle information needed to set up programs and services anywhere. Now featuring ACTIVE Internet links to resources including individual state agencies and funding sources!

  "Finding Your Funding".

     A 3-Part Funding Information Kit - A comphensive guide that focuses specifically on funding needs. This "active link" CD is a great resource for locating funding sources for your community-based service or program, non-profit organization, or personal project relating to disability or senior citizen needs. Written by Michael True, author and Publisher of Independent Life Resources, home of the renoun 'World of Resources' Directory.

  "Administrator's Guide to the ISP".

     Short and sweet, a comprehensive, easy-to-understand overview of the Individual Service Plan, (I.H.P.,I.P.P., etc.), written for administrators and services coordinators. Take the mystery out of this critical component of your program! The "Administrator's Guide to the ISP" is a FREE BONUS PACKET, when you order "An Introduction to the ISP" for your direct care staff, or it can be ordered seperately.

*Co-authored by Linda MacDougall, MA.

  "The Flexible Learning Objectives Charting System".

     Here is a comprehensive life skills assessment tool that will supplement any community-based program needs. Direct-care user friendly with 300 independent living skill objectives developmentally sequenced in 10 community-based program goal areas. This assessment has been successfuly used and periodically updated by the author over a 20 year span in 3 different states!

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  For More Details!

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I Read with My Hands website link [d ]

Mac Dougall Consulting banner [d]

Linda Mac Dougall's Consulting - Homepage

ADVOCACY IN ACTION! Providing support for persons with disabilities and care providers, she specializes in assistance to program administrators and direct care staff. Helping people access and get the most out of community-based residential programs and independent living services. Her new homepage includes a list of her services, her background and "The Advocate's Voice", her personal message, upbeat and informative!

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This is an ACCESSIBLE INTERNET Website.     

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    This website has a broad target population with many overlapping areas of need. Consider partnering with us if your product or service relates to any of the following categories: disability resources, senior citizen resources, independent living resources, or long-term care resources. This website features Personalized Web Search Assistance, Direct Care Staff training materials, Administrative support materials, informative articles for the general public, and more! CLICK HERE!

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Disclaimer - Any advising interactions are to be considered my own personal opinion and should not be construed in any way, shape, or form as a diagnosis, prescription, or mandate for action without further consultation with a medical professional, therapist, specialist, or other authority who is licensed to give such opinions, if you feel this is necessary. I offer advice and personal assistance solely based on my educational background and many years of experience. Advice and information received can be used as a source of direction. The ILR website was created to provide support for caregivers working with persons with disabilities, senior citizens, or those with long-term care related needs. This is, however, not an endorsement of any of the programs, products, or services provided through "Live" Personal Search Assistance" transactions unless specifically noted as those of Michael True or TruEnergy Enterprises.

Michael S. True, M.Ed

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