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 Mac Dougall Consulting[d]

Linda Mac Dougall, MA - Consultant

Holistic Health Practitioner for families dealing with a disability or senior issues. I specialize in research, advocacy, and training on health concerns. Information about my background and services follows:

101 Great Ways to Improve Your Health[d]

     "101 great experts on health from diverse fields offering readers insights from their years of experience in the heatlh arena. 101 authorities that want you to know how to care for yourself in order to live a long and health filled life. Contact information for each of them is available at the end of their article so you have direct access for questions. Life can be good. Make it so!"

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blue diamond bullet  Holistic Health Practitioner- Ventura County, Ca.

blue diamond bullet  Massage Therapist- Ventura County, Ca.

blue diamond bullet  M.A. Counseling Psychology- many years in the mental health and developmental disability fields.

blue diamond bullet  Author- around the net and currently a contributing author to "101 Ways To Improve Your Health". My article in this book is on pain and posture from the feet up.

blue diamond bullet  Individualized / Customized Programs

blue diamond bullet  "Pantry Police" Program Consultant

Click on this button to read my current article, "Our Posture at Work".


      Hello! My name is Linda Mac Dougall and I have been providing support for persons with disabilities and care providers for many years. My efforts are aimed at helping people access and get the most out of community-based residential programs and independent living services. I specialize in giving assistance* to administrators and direct care staff, nurturing the development and growth of the programs they represent.

     As a Holistic Health Practitioner, I welcome your questions on health issues and alternative solutions such as the use of herbs, color, aromatherapy, nutritional supplements, diet makeovers and the like.

     Holistic means whole and that includes your mind/spirit/body/environment, anything that affects you and your life. Any in-depth analysis of a personal issue will incur a fee for time spent, but simple questions are free.

PacificOcean vista[d]

By the sea, by the sea, by the beautiful sea...

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     Want to know more about alternative health therapies? Foods? Herbs? Conditions? Just ask. I welcome your questions! I would love to see you as eager to pursue a healthy life as I am to help you succeed.


     Please contact me for additional information about my services, rates, and availability. You may email me at: for details or call 1-805-202-6379, Home Office: Port Hueneme, California.

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     Now Available! "Introduction to the Individual Service Plan"
(Specian Needs Planning and Documentation Information)
Co-Written by Linda Mac Dougall, MA and Michael True, M.Ed, Publishing Editor of Independent Life Resources

Exclusively for parents, teachers, direct-care providers, and program administrators - This is a comprehensive information and training packet! Featuring the unique flexibility of a Microsoft Word document. The CD-based text can be downloaded and used by individuals or groups, and can easily be edited to meet the specific needs of your school program. All the basics are included in this packet: course objectives, read-along manual, questions for discussion, and a pre and post test for documentation of course completion and comprehension. As a SPECIAL BONUS this kit includes the "Administrator's Guide to the ISP". FREE with Purchase of the ISP training packet. (This kit can also be used to provide insight into the use of I.P.P.'s, I.H.P.s, and similar Progress Plans) For CD cost and other details email Linda MacDougall today at:

For more ISP Packet Details - Click Here

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A Brief Bit of Background:


blue star bullet  I hold an M.A. in Counseling Psychology and a B.A. in Anthropology

blue star bullet  I am a Holistic Health Practitioner, Massage Therapist, and teach, train, and coach toward healthy outcomes.

Prior Experience...

blue star bullet  Advocate for Persons with Disabilities and Health Researcher for Hawaii's state Protection & Advocacy agency.

blue star bullet  Administrator of two 15 bed homes for the developmentally disabled with 30+ staff

blue star bullet  Member of the United Cerebral Palsy Training Team - Human relations areas:

     blue star bullet   Problem solving and Mediation

     blue star bullet   Counseling/ Educating/Training

     blue star bullet   Hiring / Termination

     blue star bullet   Staff morale and advocacy for clients, staff, and guardians.

     blue star bullet   Community relations involving persons with disabilities, parents, vendors, consultants, service organizations, donors, Department of Health Services and Tri-Counties Regional Center.

     blue star bullet   Fund Raising

  In my 11 years as Administrator of the 2 United Cerebral Palsy group homes they progressed from the position of almost being decertified to being two of the best facilities in Ventura County, Ca. (per licensing and regional center representatives.)

blue star bullet  Internship: Vista del Mar Hospital in the Addictions Medicine Unit

blue star bullet   Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation internship (including dual diagnosed)

blue star bullet  11 years instructing and/or aiding in special education classrooms at Camarillo State Hospital with individuals having Autism, Department of Justice DD inmates, Down Syndrome, Mental Illness, etc.

blue star bullet  1 1/2 years in the juvenile justice system at Ventura School

blue star bullet  Buena Ventura Academy for developmentally disabled children

blue star bullet  Houghton Home for the developmentally disabled


     blue star bullet   B. A. in Anthropology

     blue star bullet   M.A. in Counseling Psychology

     blue star bullet   Holistic Health Practitioner

     blue star bullet   Massage Therapist

Training Courses:

     blue star bullet   Computer Programming, Electronic Technician, Peace Officer, Internet, Copywriting, Sensory Integration, Emotional Freedom Therapy, and several more.


     blue star bullet  Real estate sales and Life insurance (both inactive currently)


     blue star bullet   Teacher of classes for adults through Ventura Community College - one for all subjects and one for Expressive Language (both special education)

     blue star bullet   Basic Orientation Academy through the Department of Justice (top of class)


     gold star bullet  My most recent training in the area of Nutrition, Health, and Alternative Health practices.

The Advocate's Voice

"Our Posture at Work"

by Linda MacDougall

     A combination of poor posture and long hours working at computers causes a myriad of painful problems. Too many heads go forward as if they are being sucked into the screen. Shoulders round toward the keyboard hour upon hour. Poorly supported backs strain to hold the off center body erect.

     Assuming that you are not already in that pose, for just a moment put your body into that position and feel what is happening. When the body is in pain and poorly supported, everything changes.

     Add to our own pitiful postural choices the workplace issues such as woeful workspace design, lack of proper space, equipment issues, no or few breaks to realign the body, work overload, etc. and our bodies are suffering. Nerve pain or numbness here, muscle tightness and cramping there, and joint and spinal compression everywhere. Is it any wonder that we hurt?

     For many of us, the more we stare at the screen , the more weight we gain. The more weight we add, the more our problems multiply. Small problems become carpal tunnel, neck and back curvatures, sciatica, circulation problems, more weight gain and diabetes, for example.

     Stretch. Move. Be aware of your body. Magnify the screen. Get a supportive chair. Have the screen at a proper height and straight in front of you, not to one side. Put your feet flat on the floor. Roll those shoulders back and the neck around in circles. Take a walk at lunch. Seek out a therapist, if needed.

     I see the results of unaware choices every day and work to help people correct the body they have let down. Your body is your vehicle through this life. Is it as well maintained as your car? You depend on them both to serve you as you travel in your world. The choice is yours and so is the pain.

     That's all for now. Good Health to you all!

Linda Mac Dougall, Holistic Health Practitioner/MT

     Questions or Comments? I'd love to hear from you! You may email me at:

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gold star bullet  NOW EVEN MORE RESOURCES  gold star bullet
Click here to Go to "Linda's Favorite Links" page!

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If You Are Looking for Legal Assistance...

Marsha K. Chandler, Attorney at Law (Ojai, California)

Specializing in the creation of Special Needs Trusts for persons with disabilities and their families, as well as other forms of estate planning. In addition, Ms. Chandler is also available as a speaker, providing information to her audiences about Special Needs Trusts, the collection of judgments and/or other areas of her expertise (which also includes Family Law).[d]

link to TruEnergy Enterprises [d]

If you have a question or comment about this website, please E-Mail

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   *Disclaimer - All consulting interactions are to be considered my own personal advise and should not be construed in any way, shape, or form as a diagnosis, prescription, or mandate for action without further consultation with a medical professional, therapist, specialist, or other authority who is licensed to give such opinions, if you feel this is necessary. I offer advice and personal assistance solely based on my educational background and many years of experience. Advice and information received should be used as a source of direction.

Linda Mac Dougall, Mac Dougall Consulting

     The views and opinions expressed on this page, (MacDougall's Consulting), do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the owner, publisher, or staff of Independent Life Resources, but are the sole responsibility of Ms. MacDougall.

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