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"Introduction to the Individual Service Plan"

by Linda Mac Dougall, MA and Michael True, M.Ed

     Finally, an easy-to-understand overview of the Individual Service Plan has been created for individuals seeking a basic knowledge of this document and the process of its development. Take the mystery out of this critical component of your program!

     This read-along training can be presented in a group setting or given privately to an individual needing to enhance current knowledge and skills. CD ROM and pre-printed packet kits include questions for discussion, a pre and post test, and test key.

     Topic Headings Include: Why Do We Use an Individual Service Plan?; A Brief History; The ISP Process - How Does It Work?; The Basic Parts of the ISP; and Effectively Using the ISP. NOW INCLUDES A SPANISH TRANSLATION!

     This kit also features a SPECIAL BONUS to program administrators, "the ISP Management (Administrative Guidelines)" packet. If you are in need of a current state-of-the arts overview of the Administrators role in scheduling, prepairing for an ISP meeting, and meeting required Program Plan standards, this facilitator's manual is just what you've been looking for! FREE with your order!

"Introduction to the Individual Service Plan" Objectives:

At the end of this unit participants will be able to:

1. Understand the principals behind using the Individual Service Plan

2. Identify various parts of the Plan

3. Know and use information from within the ISP

4. Understand their contribution to the ISP based on assessment, reporting, and documentation procedures

Sample Text:

     "As a direct-care provider on any level, you will most likely need to become familiar with a document called the Individual Service Plan. (Depending on your program, this document might also be called an Individual Program Plan, Individual Habilitation Plan, or an Individual Education Plan). This document will contain, perhaps the most important information about your consumer that you will need to know. It is a history, a list of things to do, and a plan for making future hopes and dreams become a reality..."

     "The ISP, therefore, is a general plan, agreed upon by those who may use it as a guide. It must have enough background information to provide training staff, care providers, teachers, other involved family members, and/or professionals with everything they need to carry out the program that is outlined in the document. The program is often a combination of activities and goals that will not only support the individual but also help them increase their own levels of self-reliance..."

     "By the late 1970's the new model, known as the interdisciplinary team approach, began to be used. This organizational system allowed the individual consumer, his or her family, and each of the professionals involved the opportunity to contribute to planning process. It first began being seen in public school special education programs and was later used in many state sponsored nonprofit programs developed for the developmentally disabled..."

     "When a consumer first enters your program, information is gathered to establish what is commonly known as a "baseline". This set of information tells exactly what abilities the consumer has when they first enter the program. These are sometimes called their current "strengths and weaknesses". What do they seem to know and do the best? What are they having the most difficulty with? These are important facts to consider before the planning even begins..."

     "Finally, the new ISP document will be written. It will provide detailed information about your client. It will outline an agreement between everyone relating to any new training or personal goals. It will provide the best plans for everyone to succeed in making your consumer's program goals really happen. And this, in turn, will make your job easier..."

Discussion Questions: (sample)
2. What could be some of the problems with your providing incomplete or inaccurate documentation for use in developing the ISP? For the client? For the program? For you?

Pre and Post Test (sample questions) True/False - write T or F in blank space
_____1. Every program in which an individual is enrolled will have the same Individualized Service Plan.
_____2. The ISP process allows all key program staff and the consumer to contribute to forming the plan.
_____3. The ISP is a legal document that binds the signers to its terms.

Test also includes Matching questions for a total of 15.


     The complete direct care provider's training packet includes 12 published pages of text, a form for documenting additional materials reviewed during formal training, a competency test, (pre-post), and test key, (8 1/2" x 11" pages when printed from disc.)

     This CD includes text files that have been formatted in Word 2007, MS 97-2000, and Word 2000 on each CD. This CD is currently priced at $99.05 plus $7.00* S&H (priority mail delivery).


     If you require pre-printed packets these can be made available for the same price as the CD. For additional information concerning this option or any other questions or comments please email me:


send a check or money order Payable to: Michael True - to:

Michael True

C/O TruEnergy Enterprises

7539 Willow St.

New Orleans, LA 70118

      When mailing any order, please enclose a note stating by title exactly which CD(s) or pre-printed packet sets you are ordering and how many you wish to purchase of each item. Be sure to include your name, an email address and complete postal mailing address!


For additional information and/or more details
email Linda MacDougall today at: .
Don't wait - Order Today!

**Use of the "Introduction to the Individual Service Plan" packet and CD is subject to all Copyright Laws. Possession of the Authorized CD ROM version constitutes permission to copy the stored data for use in only the program(s) or service(s) to which the buyer is associated at the time of purchase. Duplication of this software and its contents or transfer of data for use in other programs or services without prior consent of the author(s) is strictly prohibited. Michael S. True, Linda Mac Dougall Authors (C)2003 - All Rights Reserved.

If this product, (paper copies or CD) is defective as a result of physical damage or corrupted files, it may be replaced for up to 30 days from the date of purchase without further charge to the purchaser. Simply return the defective item(s) to the ordering address noted above and a replacement will be sent upon its recipt.

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Michael S. True, M.Ed

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