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Community-Based Program:
Administrative and Case Management Resources

TruEnergy Enterprises: Publishing Accessible, Easy-To-Use, and Reliable Information

For Care Providers, Teachers, and Parents

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For personal assistance please address email to: or call 1-504-906-9343.


Universal Appeal - The arrangement and content of TruEnergy Training and Program Development Materials has been highly praised and is currently in use in Illinios, Georgia, Indiana, Louisiana, Masshecuetsets, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, Texas, Ohio, Colorado, North Carolina, South Carolina, and California!


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Disability and Senior Care Administrative Support Materials on CD

     Many administrators would agree that they and/or their support staff often find themselves spending a great deal of time "reinventing the wheel." As a former Services Co-ordinator/QMRP and Administrator, time and again, I found myself searching endlessly for direct-care training material, consumer assessments, and other state and federally mandated documentation that was required for annual audits. As odd as it seems, I found very few agencies that were willing to share insider information and often the documentation would be substandard even if you could get your hands on it. When I established TruEnergy Enterprises I was determined to provide inexpensive and reliable resources for those of you who are committed to providing quality direct care services. Your work makes a difference and support should at your fingertips.

     I am proud to say that TruEnergy Enterprises is well into its ninth year and is publishing some of the best support materials found in the country today. Most of these material are based on 30 years of first-hand knowledge and experience. But I did not stop there. In every instance, I sought out current and relevent references and discussed topics with many active professionals before providing you with useful, no-nonsense content. I have also incorporated the current technical assistive methodologies, publishing all of my materials either directly on-line or in Word format. Every CD has working files saved in Word 6.0, MS 97-2000, and Word 2000, and where appropriate provides "active" Internet links in HTML coding.

     If you have any questions at all or wish to know more about my professional background view my personal information and resume' by clicking on this link. If you are looking for in-depth, easy-to-use Direct-Care staff development materials click on this link.

Michael S. True, M.Ed


Please click on the item's name, (Title) to view a more detailed description of that resource.

"Community-Based Options - A Provider's Guide to Program Development"

by Michael True, M.Ed

     Have you considered establishing an adult day program, residential services, vocational training opportunities, or other consumer-oriented community-based program or service? This unique "interactive" CD ROM e-book provides practicle information for preparing to set up programs or services anywhere in the United States today! As inspirational as it is informative, this text includes a comprehensive insider's look at the state of America's health and human resources systems, emphasizing current and future trends. Special Feature: "active" link indexes that allow instant access to Internet contacts including government agencies and funding sources throughout the country right from the pages of this exclusive e-book! Click on the title above for more details!

"The Flexible Learning Objectives (FLO) Chart System"

by Michael True, M.Ed

A Life Skills Assessment

     Do you need a well developed assessment for life skill training? Introducing the "Flexible Learning Objectives (FLO) Chart System(c)2002. Developed for direct care providers and parents, this easy-to-use evaluation tool is ideal for independence-oriented goal planning for individuals six years and older, regardless of current ability levels. Give the child or adult you are providing guidance, training, or care for a sense of direction in 10 independent living skill areas. This "paper-trail" tool has been successfully used in 5 different programs,(in three states), meeting State and Federal standards for use as an annual and semi-annual program planning assessment. Click on the title above for more details!

"Administrator's Guide to the ISP"

by Michael True, M.Ed with Linda MacDougall, MA

     The Latest Addition to Our Administrative Support Series!

Available on CD ROM in MSWord format, this package provides an easy-to-read and understand e-booklet which outlines information relating to the basic steps that are used in designing a treatment plan, including commonly documented information.(A companion to the Intro to the ISP direct care provider training packet.)

Incident Reporting: A Comprehensive Overview

by Michael True, M.Ed

     Are you struggling with managing your incident reporting system? Having a comprehensive incident reporting system and staff training materials that focus on what to observe and what to document might be just what your program needs! Using best practices guidelines, I have created specific forms with accompanying Policies and Procedures that you can easily adapt for use in your program today. This new package can be used for general training purposes or to implement a specific new management system in your program. Click on the Incident Reporting title link above for more details!(Also listed as the Incident Reporting direct care provider training packet.)

gold star bullet  Direct Care Provider Training Materials

     (Link to training packets and support materials for those providing direct care to persons with disabilities and the elderly.)

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**Use of any/all TruEnergy Training and Program Support Materials is subject to all Copyright Laws. Duplication of paper publications and/or software and related contents is strictly forbidden without prior consent from Michael S. True. Possession of the Authorized CD ROM version constitutes permission to copy the stored data for use in only the program(s) or service(s) to which the buyer is associated at the time of purchase. Transfer of data for use in other programs or services without prior consent of the author is strictly prohibited. (Excluding the e-book "Community-Based Options" which may not be duplicated under any circumstances.) Michael S. True, Author (c)2001-16 TruEnergy Enterprises - All Rights Reserved.

If any TruEnergy Enterprises product, (paper copies or CD) is defective as a result of physical damage or corrupted files, it may be replaced for up to 30 days from the date of purchase without further charge to the purchaser. Simply return the defective item(s) to the ordering address noted above and a replacement will be sent upon its recipt.

If you have any questions, please send your email message to:

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 ILR Home Page  'Live' Personal Search Assistance Direct Care Staff Training Material and Admin. Support Resources  Articles   for Those  Who  Care    What's  News?  Bulletin  Board   About the  Publisher  Contact Us

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