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Resources for Persons with Disabilities,
Senior Citizens, and Those Who Provide Direct Care!
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     This website was especially designed to help people who desire to provide support, care, and specialized programs and services for others. I am committed to making everything here useful, as well as, easy - to - use. This site has been constructed to meet Internet accessability standards. Your comments and suggestions are always much appreciated.

Michael S. True, M.S.Ed, Publisher

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Proudly Serving the World for 14 Years!

Since May of 2001, over 900,000 People have visited the pages of "Independent Life Resources".

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gold star bullet     Click Here to Go to "The World of Resources Directory Index"

  In The World of Resources Directory Index

     Hundreds of links exclusively featuring products, services, and community, state, and federal support.

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gold star bullet     Click Here to Go to "TruEnergy Enterprises"

  TruEnergy Enterprises

      Featuring personally used and multi-state approved developmentally sequenced skill assessments, Direct Care (state/Medicaid mandated) Training Materials, and other administrative support materials developed by Michael True, M.S.Ed, QMRP, teacher and community based program administrator over a period of 35 years, (Click here to see my personal resume.)

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gold star bullet**Click Here to Go to "Articles for Those Who Care!"**

     Feature Article: "Community"

No matter where you live, or what your personal circumstances may be, you can be a valuable member of a community. Now more than ever, in a world of interdependence, we need to understand what community is really all about.

gold star bullet   **Click Here to Go to "Articles for Those Who Care" Archives**

     A list of more than 20 articles I have written to help with decision making, understanding current trends in careproviding for persons with disabilities and seniors, and to present my perspective on social issues!

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gold star bullet     Click Here to Go to "WHAT'S NEWS?" - Senior Citizen and disAbility Community Issues

  In the "WHAT'S NEWS?"

     Now featuring a variety of on-line news services for this very special comunity.

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    This website is highly ranked on major search engines and directories; including MSN, Google, and Yahoo, (Keyword combinations - disability, senior citizens, independent living, resources, directory, disabled, long-term care, etc). Featuring theWorld of Resources, directory, the easy-to-use nature of this site is attracting thousands of viewers each month! Highlighted Links and Banner rates are an inexpensive means of advertising to a large targeted audience. For more information CLICK HERE!

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gold star bullet   ADVOCACY IN ACTION! Linda Mac Dougall - Consulting - Click Here

   Introducing the consulting services of Linda Mac Dougall -

     Offering personal support to persons with disabilities and care providers! Linda has a proven track record including consulting services to program administrators and personal care staff. From her home in southern California, she provides guidence and support to people seeking access to a variety of community-based programs and independent living resources. Linda is a certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Massage Therapist, and "Pantry Police" person, as well. Ms. MacDougall's webpage includes a full listing of her services, her background, and "The Advocate's Voice", her own personal message, upbeat and informative! Current Article: "Our Posture at Work".

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Post Messages - Announce Events - Exchange Ideas

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This is an ACCESSIBLE INTERNET Website.     

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   *Disclaimer - Advice and information received can be used as a source of direction. The ILR directories were personally created to support persons with disabilities, senior citizens, and those with other long-term health related needs. This is, however, not an endorsement of any of the programs, products, or services listed unless specifically noted as those of Michael True or TruEnergy Enterprises.

Michael S. True, M.S.Ed

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